Third party inspection activity 

Unser Team besteht ausschließlich aus qualifiziertem Personal, das zuverlässig und kompetent für Sie im Einsatz ist.

Our team consists exclusively of qualified personnel who are reliable and competent for you.








  • Functionality and Performance test, FAT & CAT
  • Mechanical test, Tensile test and heat treatment
  • VT, RT, PT, MT, UT and BIT, Level II
  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Dimensions, Painting & Corrosion Protection Primer checks
  • Final inspection and documentation, Packing & Marking
  • Pressure test, moisture contain and MFR test of HDPE material
  • PMI , Positive Material Identification
  • Microstructure and grain size
  • Expediting
  • Review of Documents; (standards, procedures, drawings, List of parts, material certificate, Acceptance test certificate NDT, X-ray Report)
  • Reporting including Photo of Parts and Comment about inspection and future activity of Supplier.